Talents at dok.incubator

Unseen nets the main prize and the Audience Award at One World Slovakia
13. November 2020

The dok.incubator international rough-cut workshop has once again been scouting out talents and providing filmmakers with intensive training. Said training does not entail only editing, but also distribution, communication and marketing strategies, under the guidance of experienced film experts. The first workshop of the eighth edition of dok.incubator took place in Slovakia and revolved around storytelling, the project’s topic and character building. The second session will take place from 23-26 June in the Czech Republic, where participants will receive feedback from a first test audience, while international sales agents, festival representatives and broadcasters will help the participants with the preparation of their distribution and marketing strategies.

The selected Slovakian projects include Unseen by Maia Martiniak, which broaches the issue of women’s rights violations during childbirth. Martiniak follows Stella, who decides to sue a hospital after enduring disrespect, manipulation and violence. 

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