Discussion in Ukraine

I cannot tolerate violence against women
2. December 2020
Словацька режисерка Майя Мартиняк презентувала фільм «Невидимі»
6. October 2021

The rights of mo­thers and fa­thers in ma­ter­nity hos­pi­tals: Ex­pec­tations and rea­lity

Childbirth can have traumatic consequences for both the physical and mental health of parents. Although a woman’s rights at a maternity hospital are protected by law and medical protocols, mothers often experience trauma during labour. How can you defend your right to a safe labour? How can the new Campaign for the Rights of Future Mothers and Fathers at Maternity Hospitals help improve our quality of life?

The participants discussed about the legal practise at the International Human Rights Film Festival Docudays UA in Ukraine:

Zuzana Kriskova, an activist, Head of the NGO Women’s Circle

Maia Martiniak, director of the film Unseen (Slovakia)

Serhiy Bahalika, inspector at the Public Relations Office of the Patrol Police Department in Kyiv, senior police lieutenant

Aksana Filipishyna, Representative of the Children’s and Family Rights Ombudsman

Nataliya Skrypchenko, doctor of medical sciences, midwife-gynecologist of the highest category, honored doctor

Ksenia Shymanska, moderator, director of the Human Rights Department of NGO Docudays

The movie UNSEEN was awarded twice at Docudays UA 2021 as a Special Mention of the RIGHTS NOW! competition and a Special Mention of the Students’ Jury!

Whole discussion you can find at Docudays UA, 4.4.2021