“Ask your mother” or How women become unseen in the delivery room

Від пережитих травм страждає все суспільство
13. October 2021

“The peculiarity of our legislation is that it doesn’t clearly define women’s rights during childbirth. There are the Law of Ukraine ‘Fundamentals of the Legislation of Ukraine on Health Care,’ which defines the general rights of patients; there are packages of the National Health Service of Ukraine that provide free medical services during pregnancy and childbirth, but, for example, there’s no valid medical protocol of normal child delivery, which was Order № 624 ‘Normal child delivery,’ which expired in 2014,” Yevhenia Kubakh continues.

According to her, this document best described the rights of women and the actions of medical staff during childbirth. Maternity hospitals continue to rely on it, but it no longer has legal effect.

When Maia Martiniak and I come to the topic of understanding the trauma of childbirth by society, she says that the birth of children is perceived as something ordinary. Few people understand what a woman’s body goes through and what impact it has on her psychological state.

“The trauma is related to something terrible and painful. We want to see a happy life. We want to be happy. When something bad happens, we try not to notice it to protect ourselves. We create a wonderful picture, they say, what could be better than the birth of a child? We continue this narrative constantly. Still, it has to be good. A woman can’t face disrespect, manipulation, a kind of violence. When we talk about birth, we always think about the health of the baby. But the traumatized psyche of the mother will affect the child. We can’t forget about the mother,” the director emphasizes.

Whole article you can read at Rubryka, 18.10.2021

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