5. April 2021

Discussion in Ukraine

The rights of mo­thers and fa­thers in ma­ter­nity hos­pi­tals: Ex­pec­tations and rea­lity Childbirth can have traumatic consequences for both the physical and mental health of parents. […]
2. December 2020

I cannot tolerate violence against women

“Is the topic still taboo? Indeed it is, and not just in Slovakia. According to American psychiatrist Judith Lewis Herman, violence is repeatedly forgotten in the history of […]
13. November 2020

Unseen nets the main prize and the Audience Award at One World Slovakia

“Like so many other film festivals, the International Documentary Film Festival One World in Slovakiatransformed its 21st edition into a virtual, nationwide event. And similarly to other gatherings […]
21. June 2019

Talents at dok.incubator

The dok.incubator international rough-cut workshop has once again been scouting out talents and providing filmmakers with intensive training. Said training does not entail only editing, but also distribution, […]